Arvutiabi alati!

Welcome back!
Nothing is works!? Nothing is pressed and nothing on reagiguet!? Heated, noisy and makes strange sounds or shows strange images!? Or it works, but “not as much as before” and “terribly slow”?! Then you are on the right site!

Repair, configuration, diagnosing all of the computer “hardware” – laptops, normal computers, printers and other equipment. We will solve all the problems with the programs, too!
You can get help on all matters relating to computers and programs, experts will give qualified answers and help you understand the complex situations. In case of emergency, in cases of failure, loss of data, we can visit you at the place! We will help you select the computer, the appropriate configuration and price.
In the “Services” there are different packages of maintenance of computers, printers and networks. We offer you training courses.
You or your company is not already have pages on the internet? Produce and place a modern corporate website at friendly prices! Prices is low!